Web Design

I have designed and/or programmed more than 1200 sites with a total of well over 5000 unique pages of content as well as front ends for enterprise applications using a variety of technologies, such as HTML, CSS, Wordpress, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, Actionscript, MySQL, and PHP. I have also used several different platforms including Wordpress, X-cart, PHPBB, Slideshow Pro and Thumbgrid. Below are a few that I found particulary complex and rewarding.

Client: Nu Skin

  • Website: A beauty and health products company with multi-country sales by way of distributors. Specific work on user sign up, login, user accounts and profile management.
  • E-commerce: Custom e-commerce solution using a combination of Adobe Experience Manager, Java, VueJS, SAP as well as others. System used multiple markets, currencies, and languages as well as country-specific requirements.
  • Technologies used: HTML, CSS3, VueJS, Javascript.
  • See More Examples from NuSkin

Client: Younique Products

  • Website: A beauty products company with sales focused through distributors. Because of this, the website needs to focus on both customers and sellers.
  • E-commerce: Custom e-commerce solution to allow customers to assign purchases to distributors and apply coupons or discounts. System also had to allow for multiple currencies and country-specific requirements.
  • Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Drupal, MySQL.

Client: Cricut / Provo Craft

  • Website: Drupal-based support website for Frequently Asked Questions and other support documents. Included creating a custom skin to match existing styles, updating security settings and plugins, and importing and formatting existing content.
  • Technologies used: Drupal, Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, CSS3.

Client: Adaptive Computing

  • Web Portal: Graphical front-end for a C++/Java backend system providing data in a RESTful JSON format. The company needed an easy way for more users to be able to utilize the system without a series of arcane commands. Front-end development as well as UX/UI layouts and icon creation.
  • Technologies used: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, CSS.
  • See More Examples from Adaptive Computing

Client: HairComics

  • Website: They wanted something they could update easily, so the website was built using static pages on a custom Wordpress theme.
  • Blog: Using the customized Wordpress Theme, they were able to update often, as well as use plugins to create a podcast.
  • Forum: Using PHPBB and a customized theme, they were able to import their existing forum but utilize the same look and feel of the blog/website
  • E-Commerce: Using a custom theme for X-Cart, they were able to add in over 5000 products (and counting) manage shipping, subscriptions, payment options etc.


Click to watch animation in a popup. These were originally done in Adobe Flash, but d Due to flash being deprecated, they have been converted to animated gif.

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